K-9 Patrol Officer


The Tuttle Police Department’s K-9 Unit consists of Sgt. Jason Lanier and his dog ‘Toby’. The K9 is available on a 24-hour basis to assist with searching for narcotics or tracking suspects.


In 2001, Officer Jeremy Lewis used donations from generous Tuttle business owners to purchase the department’s first K9, ‘Ben’. When Officer Lewis left the department, Sgt. Lanier took over as the department’s K9 handler until ‘Ben’ passed away in 2005. In 2013 the Department purchased ‘Toby’ from Texoma K9 in Lawton, OK. ‘Toby’ was specifically chosen for Sgt. Lanier based on the Department’s needs and arrived from the Czech Republic. Toby received his final training from Texoma K9 owner Bill Jenkins. Sgt. Lanier completed training with Toby and the two were certified as a team in July, 2013.

The Tuttle Police Department uses the German Shepherd as the unit’s preferred dog because of its eagerness, fearlessness and self control. German Shepherds also possess various mental and physical attributes that makes them a perfect partner in the department’s fight against crime.


‘Toby’ and Sgt. Lanier spend numerous hours working together and training in order to become efficient partners. Sgt. Lanier and ‘Toby’ are certified annually through CLEET to prove their effectiveness as a team. In addition to their normal patrol duties, Sgt. Lanier and ‘Toby’ also conduct random checks at the local schools and parking lots. The team has also conducted numerous demonstrations for the local elementary school along with Boy & Girl Scout organizations. Sgt. Lanier and ‘Toby’ have also worked closely with other Law Enforcement Organizations including prison searches for the Federal Department of Corrections.