General Questions

1Is there an ordinance against loud vehicle alarms?
No there is not.
2What are the regulations regarding construction noise?
At present there are no municipal ordinances covering construction noise.
3Does Tuttle maintain a Sex Offender List?
4How do I report a missing person?
Call 911 or report in person to the Police Department at:

4 SE Second Street Tuttle, OK
5How do I report a fraudulent buisness?
Contact the Better Business Bureau.

If you suspect actual criminal activity a report can be filed at the Police Department

4 SE Second Street

Tuttle, OK

(405) 381-4467
6How do I report environmental crimes or hazardous materials?
Contact City Code Enforcement Department at (405) 381-2335. You may also contact Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

Crime Control

1How can I obtain crime prevention information?
Contact Detective Shana Berryhill at (405) 381-4467.
2How can I report a crime?
Call 911
3How do I complain about city code violations?
Contact City Code Enforcement Department at (405) 381-2335.
4How do I report suspicious activity?
Call 911
5What are the City of Tuttle's House Alarm Ordinances?
See attached PDF
6How do I obtain a Restraining Order?
You must go to the Grady County Court Clerk’s Office located at

326 W Choctaw Ave
Chickasha, OK 73018
Office Phone: 405-224- 7446
7What can I do about Identity Theft?
File a Police Report. There is also helpful Information on the Federal Trade Commission Website identity-theft
8How do I obtain a copy of an incident report?
Come to the Police Department located at 4 SE Second Street and speak with staff to receive a copy of the report.


1How do I pay a Traffic Citation
Pay with the Court Clerk located at City Hall. 221 W Main, Tuttle, OK 73089. Phone number is (405) 381-2335

You can also pay by mail. Send in a copy of your citation with payment to:

City of Tuttle
Attn: Court Clerk
P.O. Box 10
Tuttle, OK 73089
2How do I get a copy of my Collision Report?
Come to the Police Department located at 4 SE Second Street and speak with the staff.
3I lost my copy of the citation, how do I pay it?
The Court Clerk will have your citation information at City Hall.

221 W Main Tuttle, OK 73089
(405) 381-2335
4How do I contest a traffic citation?
Come to the court on your court date listed on the citation. Court is held at

Tuttle City Hall
221 W Main
Tuttle, OK 73089
5How do I report illegally parked vehicles?
Call 911
6My vehicle was towed, how do I get it back?
You must come to the Police Department at 4 SE 2nd Street, Tuttle, OK and bring the following:

a. A licensed Driver
b. Insurance Verification
c. Vehicle Title in your name
d. $100.00 in Cash

Animal Control

1What can I do about barking dogs in my neighborhood?
Although pets can provide much companionship and love, they can also become a nuisance to an entire neighborhood if not cared for properly. All barking dog or other nuisance complaints are handled by the City’s Animal Care and Control Department.

Call Animal Control at (405) 381-4467
2How can I report problems with wildlife (skunks, deer, bears)?
The City does not deal with wildlife control. However, you can contact the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation at the following numbers.

Wildlife Division (405) 521-2739
Deer Management Program (405) 385-1791
Landowner Equipment Rental (580) 254-9173
Landowner Incentive Program (405) 990-7206
Nuisance Beaver Control (405) 521-3719
Private Lands Biologist (405) 590-2584
Quail Enhancement Program (405) 301-9945
Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (405) 590-2548

Any further information may be obtained from:
3Does the City require licenses for Dogs and Cats?
The City does require a license for all Dogs.

The City does NOT require a license for Cats.

You may obtain the needed license at City Hall, 221 W. Main, Tuttle, OK.
4Where is the City Animal Shelter?
1905 Jones Road
Tuttle, OK 73089
5How do I report suspected animal abuse?
Call 911
6Can I keep livestock within the city limits?
This depends on the zoning laws for your area and on how much land you occupy.

Contact Animal Control
(405) 381-4467
7How can I get a dead animal removed from the roadway?
Call 911