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Start By Believing

Whereas, the City of Tuttle shares a critical concern for victims of sexual violence and a desire to support their needs for justice and healing; and
Whereas, when the Tuttle Police Department receives reports of rape or attempted rape, they serve the needs of victims during crisis interventions, counseling sessions, forensic exams, law enforcement interviews, or other proceedings; and
Whereas, current estimates suggest no more than 20 percent of sexual assaults will be reported to law enforcement and less than 3 percent will result in the conviction and incarceration of the perpetrator; and
Whereas, research documents that victims are far more likely to discuss their sexual assault to a friend or family member, and when these loved ones respond with doubt, shame, or blame, victims suffer additional negative effects on their physical and psychological well-being; and
Whereas, the “Start by Believing” public awareness campaign (a program to End Violence Against Women International) is designed to improve the responses of friends, family members, and community professionals, so they can help victims to access supportive resources and engage the criminal justice system;
Now Therefore, Tommy Joe Chester, Mayor, on behalf of the City Council hereby proclaim, in concert with the Tuttle Police Department, our shared support of the “Start by Believing” public awareness campaign.
In witness whereof, I, Tommy Joe Chester have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of Tuttle to be fixed at Tuttle this 13th day of April in the year of our Lord two thousand and fifteen.


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